Our Story

In 2016, a team of brilliant minds with rich and diversified experience in designing, delivering and implementing banking software across the world, decided to solve various business challenges faced by banks and other financial institutions.

With deep domain expertise, a drive to excel, and a genuine passion for technology, MpowerDigital suite of products were conceptualized. These have been developed by a team of brilliant designers, engineers and product managers with only one thing in mind – solve your business problems

To empower banks to thrive in the digital race and stay ahead of their competition, we believe the key is to execute on the ideas and bring them to market with breakneck speed and agility.

The ready-to-use nature of the solutions helps banks jumpstart their digital initiatives with little or no time lost in lengthy implementations. Add to this, our open APIs and highly advanced RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tools make integration possible with any legacy system in a matter of days rather than months.

Our Platforms address critical areas of Data Migration, Integration and Program Management in mission critical banking implementations, all of which are powered by a highly intelligent and self learning AI and analytics tool reducing complexity and increasing delivery certainty.