Omni-channel content management

Empower Content enables a company-wide strategy from one central platform, simplifying document lifecycle management. It delivers contextual information for improved collaboration, smarter decision and customer experience across all channels seamlessly


Time to market

Empower Content with its Banking specific add-ons and the specific functionality which has been built on years of banking experience reduces the time of implementation and enables adoption of best practices allowing banks to respond to customer needs very rapidly in the marketplace.


Ease of integration

 Using highly sophisticated RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to integrate with your existing systems (with or without API capabilities) in a completely non-intrusive manner – Empower content eliminates the need for lengthy and expensive integration programs.

Document and Content management

  • Create, store, retrieve & search content
  • Create business rules to perform automated actions for repetitive tasks
  • Secure content across multiple layers of access rights – sites, folders and files
  • Link documents to avoid duplication, ensure data consistency and traceability
  • Banking specific add-ons: models, content attributes, bulk uploads, templates etc.
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Scanning solution

  • Capture: Document on-boarding Electronic & Paper formats
  • Image Processing based on OCR/ICR/OMR
  • Artificial Intelligence based classification
  • Extract business rules, database lookups, fuzzy logic
  • Banking specific add-ons: scanning processes, analytics, reporting etc.

Records Management

  • Complete auditing and workflow integration
  • Automated metadata extraction and document numbering
  • Compliant with JST-170 and OD 5015.2
  • Simple search across full-text content
  • Rule based controlled handling of document archival, transfer and destruction
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