Vanguard Consumer Flows

It enables you to approve a loan online within 5 mins in assisted or unassisted mode with real time notifications to customer.

Vanguard Backstage

It enables a robust workflow engine which stitches disparate systems across departments presenting a unified view across the credit lifecycle.

Vanguard Designer

It empowers any business user to design the consumer and work flow using a simple drag and drop tool without any need of coding.



  • Increase size and quality of portfolio
  • Leverage existing systems without expensive upgrades

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with id check, OCR, address checks, compliance, credit score checks
  • Automation bots



  • Better compliance and risk management
  • Identify Cross sell opportunities

Key Features

  • Fetch additional social, public, private (consented) information
  • Automated financial analysis, credit history, legal history etc



  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Ability to fine-tune products for unapproved customers

Key Features

  • Automated risk profiling
  • Conditional approval to customers in real time


1. Asking minimum information and tapping on to digital sources to augment and enrich the information, thereby reducing dropout rates
2. Integrating the onboarding workflow to a business rules engine and enable frictionless experience
3. Automating KYC checks including digital identification of customer, digital due deligence and verification of the documents uploaded by the customer. Reducing the need to go back to the customers in case of invalid documents.
4. Reduce the data entered/collected from the customer by fetching consented data from various sources (Income tax returns, GST filings, internet banking) using robotic process automation and API. Digitally verified data removes the need for verification of customer data.
5. Automate backend process by feeding the customer’s data automatically into all other applications. This reduces data duplication, ensure data integrity, and resolve data inconsistency issues
6. Automate manual and repeatable steps in backend process using RPA.
7. Instantly verify the income and employment details
8. Automates credit origination by STP of Data Input, Assessment, Credit Decisioning and Disbursement.