Exceptional user experience

 By digitizing and simplifying the onboarding journey, making it frictionless, eliminating repetitive tasks and the ability to choose from multiple pre-built adaptive/responsive design themes – it enables Banks to craft a unique omnichannel customer experience


Time & cost to market

Subscription model eliminates the need for capital expenditure completely. The ‘pay-per-use’ policy ensures that you pay only for the products you want and the number of customers expected – Giving you a low cost and predictable growth model


Ease of integration

 Using highly sophisticated RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to integrate with your existing systems (with or without API capabilities) in a completely non-intrusive manner – Empower documents eliminates the need for lengthy and expensive integration programs.

Digital Authentication & verification

  • Aadhaar and PAN based instant account opening
  • Digital authentication using Google, Facebook & Microsoft accounts
  • Digital verification of ID photo, address and signatures

Chat-bot based interactions

  • Automated assistance using chat-bots
  • Ability to predict at what point help is needed and proactively provide it
  • Use recorded conversation to analyse and suggest process improvements

Analytics driven servicing

  • Track your customer exit points
  • Remote assistance to you customers within the application
  • Detailed admin function to allow analysis across multiple dimensions