Meet Our Founders

In 2016 Sushmit and Solai decided that they were ready to create a great company of their own. The two having worked together for long, were confident of solving complex problems in the banking space. While having their usual discussions on banks of the Singapore river in one of the many restaurants and bars on Boat Quay they realized financial institutions and banks were spending billions of dollars on digitizing their banks and customer experience. Most of them were doing so by building custom front-end to legacy applications, thus carrying forward the problems in the new age rather than solving them. These programs take months to complete, inflexible to market changes and very complex to deliver.

They decided to build cloud-based ready-to-use business products under the brand MpowerDigital, that will enable organizations to deliver immediate value to customers without investing in large IT programs, thus enabling banks to compete effectively in a dynamic marketplace and create an unparalleled user experience.

<center>Sushmitshri Babu</center>

Sushmitshri Babu

Founder & CEO

A visionary who has built teams that delivered critical banking solutions globally. His ability to build teams is one of a kind

<center>Solaiyappan N</center>

Solaiyappan N

Co-founder & Sr. Product Manager

A technologist to the core and with deep insight of banking industry is passionate about solving business problems in banking space

Latitude Fintech is an agile, transparent and responsive organization, which has grown over 60 talented, passionate and very driven people, each of them bringing decades of experience in the financial technology industry.

Key Personnel

<center>Ashwin Shastry</center>

Ashwin Shastry

Product Manager
<center>Nick Barratt</center>

Nick Barratt

GM, Sales & Client Services
<center>Joshy Francis</center>

Joshy Francis

Product Manager
<center>Ganesh CS</center>

Ganesh CS

Head – Operations
<center>Navya KS</center>

Navya KS

Head - Human Resources
<center>Praveen TV</center>

Praveen TV

Lead Engineer, Products
<center>Harris Livingstone</center>

Harris Livingstone

Lead Engineer, Products & Services
<center>Nandhini Kesavan</center>

Nandhini Kesavan

Data Scientist
<center> Venkateswarlu Routhu</center>

Venkateswarlu Routhu

Lead Engineer, Products
<center>Gyanendra Kumar</center>

Gyanendra Kumar

Lead Engineer, Products & Services